This website collects data sources and generated models examples from topocity. For instructions on how to use the tool, refer to the repository README.

Models Used

Each ZIP contains the data models for one of the case studies from the paper. Files organization is the following:

Scenario 0: Random Building Positioning

(0) - Original model comes from (very small fragment) Delft LOD0 - CityGML Model.

Scenario 1: Facilitating System Design - Tower Crane Positioning

(1) - Original model comes from: Remscheid LOD1 CityGML Model, file LoD1_369_5668_1_NW.gml.

Scenario 2: Facilitating System Operation - Emergency Response.

(2) - Original model comes from: New York - TUM - Flat Iron Street.


Please, feel free to create an issue if you find errors/bugs here.